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Well Inspired Favorites

Mobility WOD

Pure and simple: this site is about MOVING and it belongs to Kelly Starrett Doctor of Physical Therapy (and many friends). It covers moving under load, flexibility, stretching, nutrition – you name it. You need to move to survive.

Results are proof

Bert Seelman's website site and book by the same name sum it up: follow the program, and results ARE typical. Diet is the main driver (~80-85%) in overall body composition with respect to exercise (15-20%) and, therefore, as he says, "it's your diet, stupid". Exercise has numerous benefits but is a stress so should be strategically incorporated into the fitness regimen, with rest also being important. Bert also is a proponent of "verifying" your fitness professional through results over "certifying" through credentials!

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta’s blog is about keeping things simple. Me too.

Mark's Daily Apple

Primal eating, living, and Mark Sisson. These go together. Mark is a former competitive marathon runner and always smart dude. He writes on all things Primal but also delves into other health topics.


A range of very talented contributors aim to inspire you to make you the Greatist possible in fitness, health and happiness by making one healthier decision per week.

Healthy Indulgences

Lauren Benning is self proclaimed student, foodie and author full of great ideas and orginal recipes that are gluten-free, sugar free, all natural and all delicious. Her website, Healthy Indulgences, is where it's at!

Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb levels up your life with practical, useful and humorous advice that you can use for just about anything. The target is the average person but anyone can take something from this site.

Alan Aragon

Alan Aragon is a beast in the fitness and nutrition world. His monthly AARR is a research review that covers a wide range of nutrition, training and supplementation topics. As a subscriber, it’s worth it.

Mike Mahler

Mike Mahler is a world class conditioning expert. He teacher and coaches on kettlebells but also shares experience on nutrition, hormone optimization and self help.

Sodium Girl

Kidney failure or medical complications don’t phase Sodium Girl. She writes about a living a sodium free lifestyle – and that it can be pretty darn good.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Yeah, pretty funny. These ladies are great. It’s all about managing the junk in the trunk. Nice.


A scientific blog authored by Petro (Peter) Dobromylskyj on the benefits on fat.

Leaner Living

Better and longer living brought to you by the Nadolsky’s: Dr. Karl, Dr. Spencer, Dr. Jenna and Nurse Rachel. Focus is on preventive medicine and well being.

Ben Does Life

What a journey! From morbidly obese to marathon. Ben has lost 120 pounds and keeps on inspiring.

Precision Nutrition

The team led by Dr. John Berardi brought us the Precision Nutrition system, a compilation of years of cutting edge research consolidated into a targeted nutritional lifestyle.

Nate Green Experience

Nate Green has numerous cool resources on this site. The site is no longer being actively updated but the resources remain.

Scrawny to Brawny

Launched in May 2012, this is for guys who want to add muscle and have an awesome life. It is led by guys who have done just that – added muscle, leaned up and built awesomeness.

Peanut Butter Fingers

PB Fingers is just cool. It’s Julie Fagan’s blog on healthy eating, cooking, fitness, fashion, weddings and travel. Everything is about family. Nice.

Healthy Lifestyle Design

Matt Garland is the man of Modern Audacity and Iterative Design, with great discussions on most anything.

Primal Toad

Todd Dosenberry’s primal site but it’s really much more than that. He covers that eating is determining what is best for you and experimenting to find the optimal zones.

The IF Life

Intermittent fasting presented by “2-meal” Mike O’Donnell, fitness expert, trainer and coach. For some people like Mike, intermittent fasting is the way to go.

Lean Gains

Intermittent fasting as lived by Martin Berkhan, another nutritional consultant and expert who has suggestions on how to eat for muscle gain and fat loss.

NPR Health

Private and not-for-profit, the best of health on NPR.

Wounded Warriors

This site is part of the greater cause to honor and empower wounded soldiers. Please consider viewing the site and giving back.


Empowering our nation’s military service members with life skills.


People are good and we can all use simple reminders about what is most important in life.

Energy Arts

For more than 40 years, Bruce Frantzis has studied qigong, bagua, tai chi, hsing-i and Taoist meditation. He started in 1961 and spent over a decade in China and Eastern cultures and brought the original knowledge and undiluted experience to the West.

Live Strong

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil could very well be the world’s authoritative word on integrated, natural and preventive medicine, combining body, mind and spirit into a comprehensive healing approach. He is the founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM).