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The Be Well Inspired Subscription

Welcome to Be Well Inspired (BWI) Passageway!
The BWI targets holistic health spanning an endless array of topics and applications using skills, strategy, momentum, change and motivation in the fields of exercise, nutrition and diet. The goal is to improve how you feel, look and live. As a kick-off, I want to define each of these from my perspective. Skills are specific areas in which you excel. Strategy is a simple yet thoughtful plan. Momentum is a powerful force that you can harness to optimize and balance your life. Change is thinking and/or doing things differently to produce a desired result. Motivation is the why. Exercise is anything that involves movement, flexibility and balance, as well as increasing your heart rate. Nutrition is what food you choose to eat, liquids you choose to drink and supplements you choose to ingest. Diet is how you strategically use nutrition. In summary, if it pertains to what, why and how and it concerns your health, it’s fair game for inclusion in the BWI.

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Anatomy of each BWI:

        Table of Contents
        Tabulation of all BWI contents with hyperlinks to permit easy navigation. You can read the entire BWI or you can choose what you want to read and access it quickly.

        Lead the Way – Up Front with the Editor
        Each BWI will have some kick off commentary on what is new in the holistic health world.

        Research Summary
        Current review of published scientific research in the areas of psychology, diet, nutrition and exercise.
        Relevant business research in the areas of strategy, critical thinking and motivation may also be presented periodically as applicable to making lifestyle changes.

        Printernet Finds
        Compilation of both internet and print publications.

        Lost but Not Forgotten
        Some past day research, publication or information - an oldie but a goodie!

        Ask a Question
        Selected question from subscribers on a particular topic.

        Periodic Leading Expert Interviews
        Interactive question and answer discussions with leading experts in holistic health fields across body, mind and spirit.

Why Subscribe:

     1. Timely and current holistic health discussions

     2. Critical analysis presented in a easily understandable format

     3. Open and honest Subscriber communication
     The BWI encourages interactive discussions. Feel free to send a question to jbard@wellinspired.com

     4. Highly scientific research findings

     5. Practical and basic recommendations

     6. Low cost, no risk

     7. No outside bias or financial bias

Be Well Inspired Subscription Terms & Conditions

1. Once you subscribe, you will create a username and password to access the BWI archive. All BWI issues are in .pdf format.

2. You must have a PayPal account. If you have not used PayPal, it is safe, efficient, free and secure. You can create an account if you do not have one.

3. Once your order is accepted, your credit card will be debited for the amount of $10.00 USD, and it will be automatically debited for $10.00 USD each quarter (every 90 days) thereafter, on a recurring basis.

4. The quarterly billing cycle begins on the date your subscription payment is processed. It is solely your responsibility to cancel your subscription if you decide to do so.

5. You may cancel your subscription any time after subscribing. This can be done directly through PayPal. If you want it done for you, please send an email to jbard@wellinspired.com

6. In the case of a cancellation, billing will cease 1-2 days after you cancel. This means that you'll need to cancel your subscription a minimum of 2 days prior to your monthly billing date (determined by your original subscription date) if you don't want to be charged for another month's issue.

7. If you want to re-start your subscription, you are welcome to do so at any point. Just click the “Subscribe” button and repeat the steps.

8. All sales are final. No refunds will be given - retroactively, or other. No exceptions to this rule will be made.

9. Please DO NOT share or give your username and password to any person, entity, group, or organization. If you are caught sharing your information with others, your subscription will be terminated immediately.

10. By making a purchase, you have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms & conditions before subscribing. Once you've done so, click the button below. Enjoy your subscription to Be Well Inspired!